Ferrere – Asunción

The recognized consulting firm once again invites us to participate in the project for its new coprporate offices interior design, this time located in the city of Asunción, as a result of the business incipient growth and their lack of a proper work place. The project consists in an open concept floor plan distributed in two levels, separating the two branch lines: Ferrere Abogados (level 25) of CPA Contadores (level 24). Both levels share the exclusive use of a dining room located at level 24, a place designed for its employees to relax and rest. The 25th floor level locates the exclusive entrance for clients and their respective meeting rooms, with an elegant and classic design. The operational areas of the office respond to an open space logic, leaving the managers an partners officed closed on the facades. The design of the space is conceived with simple resources such as luminosity, light colors and some strong contrasts in blue and black, straight line furniture, and linear lighting.

Paseo La Galería I Torre 1 I Asunción, Paraguay
1500 m2