Roche International – WTC4

Upon analyzing the characteristics of the different areas of the market that could meet this demand that the pharmaceutical company decides to leave his own building to move to new offices that allow operation with a model of open offices greater synergy and communication starts . We participate in a market where the product offices class A ++ is not common or abundant, and general office building designed to provide “gray” state for adaptation lack some basic elements that are common in more developed markets.

Finally it was decided to move to WTC Montevideo, occupying 1,800m2 of office. The project and the logistics of moving were implemented in record time, and received the staff of Roche in contemporary offices, equipment and quality infrastructure and allocate space to work and relaxation in combination.

The overall trend in developed markets is to offer attractive working conditions from the space, which together with the rest of the job characteristics, allows attracting the best human resources available.

World Trace Center, Montevideo
1900 m2